Discover what FREEDOM and IMPACTING the world feel like.

  • Living Life on your own terms

  • Working as Little or as much as you want while making a Full- time income

Imagine what true freedom looks like...

  • Not having to work long 12 hours turned into 14-hour shifts.

  • Not having your boss calling you into the office because you gave one medication a minute late.

  • Scheduling your work around appointments.

  • Never miss another important moment with your kids.

  • Doing work that you enjoy.

  • Being a stay-at-home mom with "working mom" pay.

  • No boss to deny your vacation requests.

  • Finally having the financial means to provide for your family and go on vacations without worry

This is not only possible, but it’s also HAPPENING

for Home Care Bosses.

Does this sound like the life you are craving?

Good! Because you DESERVE freedom.

OUR DONE-FOR-YOU LAUNCH YOUR HOMECARE AGENCY PROGRAM GIVES YOU THE KEY. come with little to no knowledge of the home care industry...

Whether you have gotten your LLC already…

Upon completion of our, Done-For-You Launch Your Homecare Agency Program, your home care agency is ready to take in clients… The cool thing about our program, we complete all the work for you the right way, the first time around while saving you time, money, and headache.

What you’ll get

  • Done for You Business Registration (Meet all the requirements of your state and city. Done- for-you)
  • Domain & Business Email (Assist in buying the business domain & setting up business email
  • License Assistance (Most states require a license for home care agencies to operate. We do the process required to get your license. Done-for-you)
  • Tax Accounts Setup (Setting up all the tax accounts you will need to keep your state’s department of revenue and IRS happy.)
  • Insurance Setup (Setting up all the different types of insurance needed to operate the agency. A third-party fee is associated with the insurance and the fee varies.)
  • Customized Client Packet (This packet includes all the forms you will need to onboard your clients, to continue caring for them, to transfer them to another agency. Done-For-You)
  • Customized Employee File (Get all the forms, employee handbook, and policies needed to stay compliant. Done-for-You)
  • Customized Policy & Procedures (We provide you with customized policies and procedures according to your state’s regulations and industry standards. Done-For-You)
  • Customized HR Forms (Get all the human resource forms that you need)
  • Support (Throughout this process, you have full email access to our team)
  • Homecare Bosses University (Get access to our Homecare Operations & Marketing Portal with over 108 videos training on how to run your agency and get clients.)

  • Logo Creation

  • Designing your Marketing Package

The Freedom Your Success Is About To Bring You: PRICELESS

*NOT INCLUDED in the tuition:

LLC registration, Licensing fees, Insurances, Domain, Business Email, and any other third-party fees.

Reserve Your Spot To Your Profitable Agency NOW!

(Payment Plan Available)

Wanna sign up but have a few questions and would like to talk to somebody? Schedule a FREE Homecare Startup Strategy session with one of our enrollment coaches

Frequently Asked Question

How much paperwork do I have to complete to set up my homecare agency?

Little to none, because we complete all the paperwork for you.

Who is this right for?

Home Care Boss Live Event is for nurses, nurses' assistant,who are sick and tired of building others dreams and are ready to start building their own legacy.

Can that help me even if I'm not a healthcare professionals?

Yes. People of all backgrounds with great heart are great fit to provide great services to the elderly.

How will I know to market my agency?

Learning how to operate your agency and MARKET is important. We provide you with 6 months of access to our online video training that is designed to teach you both the Home Care Business Operations and Marketing, so you won't only have a business but also have clients who are begging for your services.

What's the refund policy?

We have a NO Refunds, No Exceptions policy.

Skip the guesswork with no fluff trainings.

When I got started as a Home Care Boss, I had just given birth to my son. I wanted to give him all the time during those most precious few months of life...

Like you, I didn't have time to invest hours and hours into fluff-filled training.

I wanted actionable steps and I needed results - fast!

This is what inspired me to create our Done-for-You Launch Your Homecare Agency Program.

From the moment you register, we start working for you right away

and ensure that you get results.

Get This Proven System With 3 Pillars On Which Your Successful Agency MUST Stand...



Your success in this business has a lot to do with making sure you have a great foundation for your business. Overlooking this pillar can be proven fatal to your agency.



Home Care Bosses makes their agencies work for them, not the other way around. Ignoring this pillar can make you miserable. Taking care of your agency's operation is part of your freedom.



You are in the business of marketing your home care services. There is no business without marketing. Your floodgate to all the clients you want and your freedom is nothing else but MARKETING.

Refund Policy

There is a NO REFUND POLICY. There is no transfer of registration. You can always apply your payment towards another training or product of Homecare Secrets Consulting, LLC /dba Homecare Bosses United.


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